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At ProAction Products, we  serve some of the world’s most demanding injection molding customers

From consumer goods to military and aerospace, at ProAction Products

we are ready and capable to meet any of your molding needs. 



ProAction Products is one of the leading injection 

molding parts 

manufacturer for the medical industry. 

Military Aircraft


Meeting Military Specifications requirements consists of many things, but it all begins with precision mold design and up-front engineering & development.

Quadcopter Drone


Plastic is an ideal material for products in electronics. It can be conductive or non-conductive plastic resin, and can be combined with watertight seals, is UV resistant and can be used in rigid or flexible applications, in multiple colors, with design capabilities beyond metal and other materials.


Consumer Products 

In today’s market, most mass-produced, injection molded plastic consumer products are manufactured overseas—and for simpler, mass produced products, international manufacturing may work just fine. But, if you need complex or intricate plastic injection molding for sophisticated and/or high-end products, you need ProAction Products.


Molded parts used in the aerospace industry must be built with the greatest precision. The parts can only be made according to perfect specifications and accurate measurements. Through this attention to detail the products will be able to endure the demanding conditions required in aerospace applications.

Spacecraft in Orbit


ProAction Products delivers a wide range of plastic injection molding solutions for high volume packaging, from thin wall containers and closures to PET bottle preform molds.