Manufacturing of medical components and devices using medical grade plastic materials that are durable, reliable and meet FDA regulations is the essence of medical injection molding. The medical plastic injection molding process is cost-efficient, and ideal for high volume production runs and applications requiring consistency and tight tolerances. This molding process is also used for medical device prototype development for the FDA approval process and for use in laboratory testing. At ProAction Products, we are one of the leading injection molding part manufactures for the medical industry. 


Medical Plastic Injection Molding Benefits 

Since medical device plastics provide increased versatility and can be combined with metal to create enhanced medical product attributes, medical grade plastics have become the preferred material for numerous types of electronic medical devices. Some of the advantages that medical injection molding companies can provide, include: 

  • Improved ergonomics

  • Reduced weight

  • Increased functionality

  • Lower cost

  • Decreased burden of sterilization 

Using our medical injection molding processes, ProAction Products produces delivery devices for stents, implants, sutures, and more. We also offer assembly services for subcomponents of larger, more complicated medical devices. In addition to medical injection molding, we manufacture plastic moldings that house other, non-plastic components or mechanisms. 

Our medical insert molding processes can create housings for medical devices including:

  • Needles

  • Surgical instruments and blades

  • Tubes

  • Dental instruments

  • Medical equipment components

  • Prosthetics 

At ProAction Products, we utilize state-of-the-art vertical medical injection molding workstations that are dedicated to the process of manufacturing parts, components and products for the medical industry. We have also forged solid relationships with several trusted vendors who supply us with top quality metal components for medical device injection molding projects due to our experience in the industry. 

Life Saving Plastic Injection Molding Applications