Uniformity and dependability are important in the military and tactical industries. That’s why injection molding is ideal for creating plastic tactical products and merchandise. Getting high quality is all about design and the material you use. Our team of experienced designers know what it takes to get a high quality plastic product or component. At ProAction Products, we are ISO 9001:2008 certified for defense industry injection molding. We maintain quality services for your products that service men and women can depend on.




In addition to the remarkable strength and light weight of modern resins, parts can be designed with impact resistance, heat deflection, waterproofing, or oil resistance—all dependent upon material selection.

But plastic injection molding offers more than a rich variety of resins to choose from—the process itself offers a long list of distinct advantages:

  • Efficiency: The process is designed to manage high volumes of parts with extreme precision. Injection molding operates with high efficiency and rapid turnarounds, particularly for high volume production runs.

  • Accuracy: Even complex parts come in plastic. Custom, intricate form and function can be integrated readily into a design from the very beginning, all based on the end user’s exact needs. Once form, fit, and function are determined, a high-performance resin can be selected to perfectly suit the component’s complexity.

  • Automation: Because plastic injection molding incorporates automated technology, components match up with uniformly precise fits and reliable final details.

  • Value: The process results in very little material waste and low cost of labor, which makes injection molding a very economical solution with a high-quality result.

  • Endless potential: After a part has been molded, countless secondary services can customize it further. Finishing and coating, CNC machining, drilling, and polishing can all fine-tune a high-performance plastic part for an exact fit to your project.

Advantages of Plastic Injection Molding